The IOPI System - Model 2.3

For new users, the IOPI System provides everything you need to get started:
an IOPI (Model 2.3) in a Carrying Case, 1 Connecting Tube, 10 Tongue Bulbs, and a User Manual.

The IOPI Model 2.3

The IOPI provides an objective way to measure tongue and lip strength and endurance. The PEAK function allows measurement of Pmax (maximum pressure, in kPa), the LIGHTS function provides biofeedback for exercise and/or endurance measurements, and the TIMER function allows measurement of time (useful for measuring endurance).

Connecting Tube

This is a thin 2' tube that connects the Tongue Bulb to the pressure port on the IOPI device. This tube is considered part of the basic unit and is not replaced with each patient. It is common to store it on top of the IOPI in the Carrying Case so that it does not get lost between uses.

Users may want to purchase an extra (spare) Connecting Tube in case this component is lost or accidentally thrown out with a Tongue Bulb.

Tongue Bulb

The tongue bulb has two parts—the bulb and the stem. To measure tongue elevation strength, the blue bulb is placed in the patient’s mouth just behind the alveolar ridge. The SLP is instructed to hold onto the stem of the tongue bulb any time it is in a patient’s mouth.

These Tongue Bulbs are SINGLE PATIENT USE—that means they can be used with the SAME patient repeatedly, but cannot be used with a second patient. To clean the Tongue Bulb for use with the same patient, it can be washed with dish detergent and dried before storage. A small plug is provided to prevent water from getting down the tubing during this process.

Carrying Case

The Carrying Case was specifically designed to store the IOPI and protect it from damage. The foam insert is custom molded so that the IOPI fits tightly in the foam.