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IOPI® Report Generator software produces patient reports from data collected on the IOPI® Pro and IOPI® Trainer.  The report includes summary information, a bar graph of exercise performance, and individual event data for detailed analysis. 


The IOPI® Pro (Model 3.1) enables medical professionals to objectively measure and evaluate tongue and lip strength and endurance in patients with oral motor disorders, including dysphagia and dysarthria.  This information is critical for developing and tracking progress of rehabilitative therapy.  The IOPI Pro can also be used for strengthening protocols by providing biofeedback for oral motor exercise.


The IOPI® Trainer (Model 3.2) provides biofeedback to patients for oral motor exercise of the tongue and lip in either a home or clinic setting.  The IOPI Trainer tracks all exercise performed to improve patient compliance with oral motor strengthening protocols.