The Effect of Tongue-Strength Exercises on Tongue Strength and Swallow-Related Parameters in Chronic Radiation-Associated Dysphagia

The study examines the impact of lingual strengthening exercises on tongue strength, improvements in MASA-C, FOIS, and SwQoL scores in 15 head and neck cancer patients, with chronic radiation induced dysphagia. Subjects performed 3 therapy session per week on non-consecutive days for 8 weeks exercising anterior and posterior tongue at 80% of their maximum isometric pressure. Measures were also taken after 4 weeks and 8 weeks of treatment. Additionally, measures were captured at 4 weeks post treatment. Significant improvements in tongue strength and MASA scores were found after 8 weeks of training. After 4 weeks of no treatment no detraining occurred. FOIS scores and SwQoL scores were not significantly changed.

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