Can myofunctional therapy increase tongue tone and reduce symptoms in children with sleep-disordered breathing?

By IOPI Medical | March 28, 2017

By Maria Pia Villa, Melania Evangelisti, Susy Martella, Mario Barreto, Marco Del Pozzo A new study out of Italy suggests that myofunctional therapy may be able to play a role in the treatment of children with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) by modifying tongue tone, resulting in reduced respiratory symptoms. The authors also noted tongue strength measurements…

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Tongue-to-palate resistance training improves tongue strength and oropharyngeal swallowing function in subacute stroke survivors with dysphagia

By IOPI Medical | January 20, 2017

By H.D. Kim, J.B. Choi, S.J. Yoo, M.Y. Chang, S.W. Lee, and J.S. Park A new study out of the Republic of Korea has focused on how tongue-to-palate resistance training (TPRT) affects tongue strengthening and swallowing function. This research provides further evidence that TPRT is an effective strategy for rehabilitating dysphagia and highlights the utility…

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